Option to Protect PRIOR to recording

New Gen 4 user here.
Is there an option to protect all recordings or a repeat show recording ONE time prior to recording so they are ALL protected? I see the option to protect once it has started recording but I don’t want to have to go into each recording to protect it.
If not, can we PLEASE add this to a wish list?

I’ve been wondering about this recently as well. My thought was a popup after a long-press on the show. Then you could delete, mark as watched or unwatched, protect, etc, without all that extra clicking and confirmation.

Even a simple option in the show “folder” to “Select all…” and then those options would be nice.

I like your idea, but I worry about how it would complicate the many times Tablo splits recordings. When that happens I’d have to go in and uncheck every part “Unprotected Episode” in order to delete them.

Good thinking, but I’m sure they think that by turning “Auto-Delete Recordings” OFF, the episode is automatically partially protected.

Can I ask what you mean by split recordings?

When recording FAST stations, many times you will end up with multiple parts and they don’t always equal what the total recording time should be. Some channels this seemingly happens randomly and I can’t figure out the cause, while some channels I’ve found tend to do this 70% or more of the time I record something.

It doesn’t sound like anyone knows why this is. If it was an OTA broadcast, it could be easily explained by loss of signal, but with the “streaming” channels, it doesn’t sound like anyone has an idea of why this happens. Many of us with 300Mbps speeds or higher experience this frequently – even when nothing else is using the network.

In a recent example, I was trying to record a half hour show on the Maximum Effort channel. When I looked the next morning, it had saved 3 different files (chunks). The recording will show what looks like three episodes, but they’ll all have the same recording setup time shown. For this one, the first section was less than 20 min, the second a few min long and the last was just seconds.

I hope as this product, software, and firmware progress, this will stop altogether, or at least be able to tell us the cause.

Thanks for that explanation. I haven’t seen that yet, but I’m a new user.

I don’t think they have that, never seen it on any DVR, as people would probably fill up their storage, then nothing new could be recorded, then they would come here complaining they can’t record anything. :thinking: Protection to me, is more for a special couple shows, not used on everything.

I have a $100 5Tb on mine and doubt I could fill it up in years so I just let it go.

… and I really hope you don’t!

As I said, certain channels tend to be the biggest culprits, but other times it just seems random. And it’s not always the same channel causing problems for everyone!

Good luck with your new Tablo. May the bugs be few and the updates treat you well.

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I’m thinking of getting a hard drive. Can you share where you got yours and which one you got? If you have a link, even better. Thanks!

Yep, but instead of using the PROTECT option, I would suggest using the KEEP setting in the advanced recording options.

Selecting KEEP ALL for the series will save recordings from being auto deleted.

However, be careful about how many series you apply this to. It can cause other recordings to get deleted too quickly if most series are set to KEEP ALL.


I did choose Keep All but then I saw the protect option and it made me question what the difference was.

The difference is that with Keep All, it will continue to record every episode until space is no longer available. Your other option would be to save a set number of episodes (example: 3 days of news) on your drive, always replacing the oldest with the newest. Protecting an episode (or movie) is nice in case you want to save it for future viewing, without worrying about accidentally erasing it. You’ll notice that after you have a few episodes saved, the option “Manage Episodes” will become available. There, you can Delete All, Delete Watched, or just cancel. Despite a missing explanation. by choosing one of the deletion options, anything you’ve protected will be saved.

I’m -sure- I remember seeing something a while back in the Manage Episodes section regarding “Deleted unprotected…” but this seems to have gone by the wayside (or I had a stroke throughout my Tablo usage… or I dreamed it).

Your drive -can- fill up pretty quickly depending on how much you’re recording. If you let too many things record and turn auto deletion off, you could find yourself in a jam. If you turn auto deletion on, your oldest files will be erased first to make space for new recordings. This is another time when it’s good to have certain things Protected.

Depending on the device, I don’t always delete every episode I’ve watched. I assume that at some point the Tablo will remove those Watched episodes and if I ever run out of space, I know they’re not important. As an example of this, if I’m using the Roku, I have to re-click on it and hit delete, versus the Android/Fire version where it brings me back to the Watch/Mark/Protect/Delete popup. I’m lazy, so I just cursor over to the next episode.

Hope this was helpful and if I didn’t explain something well enough, please feel free to let me know.