Option to have deleted programs not re-record

I want an option to have deleted shows not be included in the record all schedule.

Once I delete a show, I don’t want it to come back.


Out of curiosity, have you ever seen a DVR with that functionality?

Plus some people accidental delete a show and want it back.

It would also go against, “Record All” :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re right Jestep. But it could be a third option in adidition to record all and record new. Say “record all not deleted”. Or their could be an option in settings “don’t record deleted shows”.

If you accidentally delete a show, just switch option back to record all and hope your deleted show comes back.

But this doesn’t happen to me. Instead, I watch my show, say Big Bang theory, and it keeps saving episodes I already seen and deleted. I deleted so,many I don’t remember which I saw and which I haven’t seen and I have 107 episodes in no time. This takes up a lot of space which is unnecessary for me.

That’s why I vote for a feature to keep a show deleted.

Probably would be nice to have a record all (Once) type of situation, where you record all the episodes of a show ONLY once regardless of new or old. That might be nice.

Somehow I would like nightly news broadcast excluded from this, if it gets implemented.

probably why it never will :wink: everyone has their own idea

SageTV had it, but then again it wasn’t a DVR as such. It was a roll your own… lol

Yes Jestep, I think record all (once) would solve my concern.

Interesting concept… Can totally see how this would be useful!

I’ll bring it up with the team to see if it’s possible.

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Awesome! Thanks for listening TabloTV !!!


You’re welcome @dan1 Thanks for the suggestion.

I can tell you why I would love it. I’m recording old series, like mash, 11 seasons. I’m using tablo ripper to pull the recordings off to my local network storage . But to keep the record all function working properly, and assuming I want all 11 seasons and every episode, I can’t erase any episode until I have all episodes. I would love to erase tv shows after they are ripped.

I could also see if someone wanted to watch every episode of old shows only once and didnt want to store watched episodes anymore.

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Any word on this? I too would like to delete watched episodes of shows without them coming back. I have an 8 TB drive, but it is filling up fast.

Would love to see this. I hate having to unnecessarily keep all episodes of a tv show stored, just so I keep watched information.

Figured it out, have a “Record unwatched only” option and then ensure the watched metadata sticks around for deleted episodes. (Also have a “clear watch history” per tv show for undoing purposes)

Problem solved. :slight_smile:


Tablo doesn’t have the concept of users or “profiles”. I believe the official solution for that is to have multiple Tablos.

I’m just offering ideas for how to extend the options for recording and auto deletion. They should just be extra options users have. Functionality should stay the same if the user changed nothing.

Any updates on this?
A feature like this would be a godsend for recording old tv shows. I keep hitting the limit of my hard drive, because I have to keep all episodes just to save watch history.