Option to extend recording?

Well, it’s football season. So my Sunday night shows might be delayed. My cable DVR had an option to extend the recording time 30, 60, 90, or 120 minutes.

Now with Tablo I have to record the next show, and I can’t find out until <23 hours before.

Is there a better solution?


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Turn the “Extend Live Recordings” option on.

Set up a manual block recording for sunday nights from 8pm to midnight. Or something similar.

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Sadly, this is the best approach that I’ve found. Not saying there’s an ideal solution btw.

Doesn’t really help if the show you want is on three hours after the game was over.

How do I turn on extended recording and/or record a block? (Tablo through Roku)


How do I do that?

(Tablo through Roku)


You may have to use something other than a Roku to setup a manual recording (maybe that’s something they’ve added recently though?, but I don’t think so)

Never mind, figured it out. Had to use iOS app on my iPhone and it appears to have worked.



The extended live recording feature is not a perfect solution but helps in many situations. A scheduled 3 hour football game gets extended to 4 1/2 hours of recording. Over 3 hours usually around 5 hours. So many times what you are looking for is in the recording.

Of course if you don’t like the sports game it’s wasted recording space that you have to FF through. Or you can block record using manual recording option.