Option for re-processing of thumbnails

I still have random recording without thumbnail, so I would like to have the option of re-processing the thumbnails for a specific recording. And maybe a mesage after the re-processing telling us if it was successful or not.



You can force Tablo to re-try preview thumbnail processing on a recording by quickly pressing and releasing the blue reset button on the rear of the unit. During the boot-up process, recordings without Fast Forward Previews are identified and a second attempt will be made; however, if there is indeed an error in the recording, it’s unlikely a re-try will be successful.

That’s cool. I did not know that feature existed. I do agree that if there was an error the first time, that error is likely still there.

Does this also work if you remotely turn off and on the Tablo say using a smart plug? Or must you press the blue button to initiate the proper restart sequence.

I new that a reboot would try to re-process them, but it is not always practical to reboot when I have a few programs recording. The next day I would forget to reboot untill the evening, but then, I still have program that are recording.
That was the main reason I have made that request.

That may be why you’re not seeing thumbnails. It requires an open tuner for processing.


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If this is true, you should be able to provide an option somewhere in the GUI, maybe the settings that tells it to re-process recordings without previews…I shouldn’t need to press a button on the device and reboot it.

I agree. I never reboot my Tablo. But would like the option to have make Tablo reprocess recordings for thumbs without having to reboot.


It’s very rare that FFWD previews would be created on a recording that didn’t have them in the first place. For that reason, we have not added a button into the UI for this.

but there are plenty of times where the recording doesn’t have previews generated, and as previously discussed, there are buttons to press on the physical unit, etc…if there is a way to process the recordings to generate what wasn’t generated…there should be a UI option to do the same, I should never need to walk over to my Tablo and touch it to get something done, it should just be an appliance sitting on a shelf…all interface with it should be through the UI.

Does the nightly maintenance operation also trigger FF/RW preview thumbnail retry processing?
I’m asking, cuz the Tablo LED flashes at the end of the maintenance operation, like it’s rebooting.

What I’m doing at 3AM to witness this, I don’t know.