Option for media player

It would be nice if in settings we had a option to choose which media player we would like to use, like MXPlayer. That would allow users to resize the screen for the 480 and 720 signals.

Out of 64 channels I receive only about six are full screem and there is no option currently to change the others

Are you looking to correct so that it shows the original intended aspect?

On an Android tablet using Chrome, i can use an external player. There us a setting to choose an external player. Personally I use VLC, that way I can watch a recording done in surround sound on my tablet.

How do you go about doing that? I have several good android tv boxes, VLC, MxPro are installed on all. I have several streaming apps that I use where I can select prefered player. I have the Tablo apk installed but I dont see any option for player. You mentioned Chrome??? I have to use the web app ?

Yes I use the web app, on a chrome web page at “my.tablotv.com/”.

Got it! Thanks. I wonder why this option isnt available on the android app? I am actually using Foxfire (not a fan on chrome or google, lol).
Using the web app, does it eat up more data?

Slight issue. While watching a show via web app, external media player, I can not toggle to live tv guide without closing app and restarting. Pic/sound works perfect with external player (mx) but to view otter shows have to close web app and reopen. Sort of a pain.

That is a function I like with the third party app OTA2Go. You can select a different player if you choose. There is a free version of the app you can test.

More concerned about watching live programing from my different TVs than downloading.bit thanks for the suggestion.

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