Opting out of telemetry / data collection

Okay, but you quoted my comment regarding SageTV…so that didn’t make much sense to me.

I cannot account for Tablos choice for forum software. This is one of the poorest excuses for forum software I have seen.

I actually prefer this forum software.

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Yeah, they know when I’m accessing my Tablo, and then turn on my webcam, great.
Now I have to put on clothes before I watch TV?
This is unacceptable.

Nope, my Roku’s will not display Live TV guide data, if my internet connection goes down, and I’m not talking about my internet being down for 14 days.
Internet goes down, boom, no Live TV guide data.

I just pulled the internet cable off my router, and my Rokus had no problem at all with live guide data (and it has been that way for the last three years). It sounds like you need to submit a ticket to support, because that is not normal behaviour.

Nah, I don’t really care.
I chalk it up to a unique behaviour in my environment.