Opting out of telemetry / data collection

How do we opt of of opt out of telemetry ? I refuse to allow my viewing habits to be reported back to any corporation or agency, period. This machine is my private device that I bought and paid for and what I watch on it is no one’s business as it comes to me via my TV antenna. I’m not about to cede my privacy just because a device that should be private now has a leaky pipeline to the outside world.

I can not find anything in any of the privacy policies or device or app configurations that provide for device privacy, they only deal with accessing the tablo website.

One thing I have an extreme objection to and had I know it behaves this way I would not have bought the device in the first place is that you have to connect to your own device via and OUTSIDE ROUTE! You can’t access it by direct local IP address, you must connect to it by the external web address of my.tablotv.com which then sends your browser/app/Roku back to the device within your private LAN.

This is nothing more than PARASITIC data collection. There is no other reason for this behavior than to leach everything possible from you in the process.

Seriously, I expected this thing to run within the confines of my private LAN without phoning home and a mandatory account on an external server (cloud crap) and a mandatory connection THROUGH an external server to a device that’s 3 feet away from me. I killed the power to my modem but my LAN runs through a PFSense server and all machines within my LAN operate irregardless of the status of the outside world IE the modem being off. When the modem is off I can not access the Tablo device but I can access the other computers and devices within my LAN.

Do you people really think this is OK? Do you really think this is acceptable?
Sadly I’ve put all my eggs in a new basket and lit the old basket on fire. I cut my ties with Plex because of their SHADY AF data collection and gave up the OTA DVR features it offered. I deleted Plex from all my devices and bought a Tablo because I ASSUMED it would be more respectful of my privacy. I paid a lot of money to make this switch.
I’m afraid it looks like I made a bad decision, again. After spending $300 for a Tablo I find myself with a diminishing pool of options.

The world is controlled by parasites.

edit: another major complaint I have is that I can not access the Tablo device as long as my VPN is running. I have to kill my VPN to access the device via browser on my Mac and during that time with the VPN down my Mac is connecting to the outside world straight through my ISP who collects data on everything you do and resells it to, whomever.

SageTV…Now Open Sourced and no one looking over your shoulder. Cons are you’re 100% responsible for making it work.

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Mac compatible? I do not use microsoft at all, ever.

my.tablotv.com probably should not be considered an old school WEB app. But a newer cloud app. And thus most likely open to the possibility of being much more parasitic by nature.

I’m always amazed by how many open virtual circuits it takes to drive a clould app - even when javascript is turned off.

hmmm…I never knew it did this either. Does it need an active internet connect just at launch or do you need it at all times? Meaning, have the modem on, load my.tablotv.com, start watching a show then turn off the modem while keeping your internet network running. Will Tablo stop working? (I will try to test this out tomorrow)

What happens when there is an outage at my ISP? Does that mean I can’t watch TV? That is a terrible design for a product for “cord cutters”.

I know it will record a show with no active internet connection. I tested it out the other day. I set something to record, disconnected the ethernet from Tablo (no wifi enabled) before the show started and I reconnected the ethernet after the show ended. The show did record with no issues.

How do you know they collect telemetry … ?

Your VPN stuff sounds like a configuration problem …

Sounds like privacy is a real concern for you… I suggest you sell / return your tablo and look into one of these devices… it has no internet connection whatsoever…

Channel Master’s product doesn’t need an internet connect either. Looks like their guide even downloads via OTA.

I did check them out before buying Tablo but since I have multiple people/multiple TV’s, I thought it made more sense to have once device that has all the recordings versus a DVR for each TV.

I am not too concerned myself about what data Tablo is collecting on what shows I watch. Yes I watch Judge Judy. Now that it’s out there, I feel so much better.

All kidding aside, I am not even sure what “personal data” there is to send from the Tablo device to their servers. As far as I remember the only thing Tablo asked me during setup was my zip code.

You can’t opt out if there isn’t anything to opt out from. The Tablo folks have no idea what you are watching or recording short of accessing your logs when a trouble ticket is being resolved.

While accessing the Tablo through a computer does require an active internet connection, I am not sure any other playback device needs that now. The Roku certainly doesn’t.

Both the Mediasonic & Channel Master are (1) TV dedicated DVR options that work without any internet or wifi network.

The Channel Master is a nice device with a slick UI if you do not need &/or desire a multi-room/device system. The Mediasonic is very clunky & unsophisticated but it works at a price that is very budget friendly.

I ultimately opted for the Tablo because of it’s mulit-room/device capabilities. I am just now finding that I am also going to be taking advantage of it’s remote access abilities as well by accessing it from my RV while traveling. I am a little surprised & disappointed to hear that Tablo cannot be accessed on it’s home network without any connection to the outside world, but I will stick with it & continue to be happy. I’m not going to lose any sleep over the thought that the world might know that I like to watch sports, sitcoms, dramas & Survivor.

I already am a Google Fiber user so I am monitored anyways. The least of my worries is what is available via public airwaves…

Our privacy policy can be viewed here: Privacy - Tablo TV
We do not sell any customer information.

The Tabo web app does require an internet connection; the rest of the Tablo apps should be able to connect locally without one.

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Thank you for pointing that out but for many people it is not about what you sell, it is about what you collect. How you use it is not relevant, the fact that you collect it is.

I stuck a sniffer on my network and looked at what was flowing. I’m (currently) okay with what my Tablo is doing over the Internet.

I would prefer that guide data came from the OTA data provided by the broadcasts (as a backup) and that the web player came directly from the Tablo device instead of a web server on the Internet (at least as a backup) but that’s getting a bit off-topic.

“Nuvyyo respects your right to privacy. “During your visit to our website”,
your privacy is respected. We do not collection personal information
about you unless you opt to complete forms or applications that request
necessary personal information.”

This privacy statement only deals with user directed connections to the Nuvyyo WEB site. Not any information collected by non-WEB apps. And while various non-WEB app may not require a WAN connection, Tablo Support has indicated in other threads that at a minimum other statistics are being collected by these apps.

Since Nuvyyo is a Canadian company it may not be aware of various state and U.S. laws concerning collection and distribution of information.

I’m so glad I thought I was the only one who watched Judge Judy…

I don’t get the joke :thinking:

I think he must have saw something on Judge Judy about US Distribution and collection of data…


Any device going to my.tablotv.com will get their IP address logged on Tablo’s end.

My Roku’s require and internet connection to populate the Live TV guide screen.

Server software has been designed to collect both qualitative and quantitative information for over 50 years. A tablo app doesn’t have to connect to the internet to push the data.

Information can be collected on the actual tablo server and phoned home when desired. It would be very remiss of Nuvyyo to not at least collect quantitative statistics. It doesn’t do any good to have a 50 thousand unit customer base if you don’t know the average type and amount of usage happening.

Of course such knowledge could lead to advanced features. As an example, if a user watches the same episode of “Car 54” 4 hours in a row, the tablo could send an alert to 911 indicating that a mental emergency is occurring.


So? All they know is that you accessed your Tablo. Woo hoo.

It depends on what you mean. If you don’t have an internet connection for over two weeks, then you will not get guide data on any device. But if you just don’t have internet access temporarily, then guide data will show up just fine on the Roku and most other devices.

Was responding to homer3d comment.