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This message interrupted during playback of a recording using a Roku player. Happened twice this week. Never happened to me before.

Not serious since the system recovers in a little while, but aggravating to say the least.

Just FYI.

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Hm - what time did you see this happen?

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Same thing just happened to be tonight. Started at about 10:10 est

How long does this take? I have had the circle of death for about 20 minutes now!

You shouldn’t see this in the middle of the day; this should only happen overnight during the Tablo’s maintenance period. Did this eventually resolve itself? If not, send us ticket or give us a call and we can take a look: 1-844-TABLOTV (822-5688)

This does not happen to me at midnight like TabloSupport states. It happens at about 09:45 EST and somehow the Tablo shows 08:45PM, Not sure what time it puts on my device but my zip code displayed correctly.

9:45. EST is 8:45 EDT but that doesn’t count all the other hours

That’s quite abnormal and a sign that your Tablo may be getting the incorrect time from your ISP.

If you haven’t already, drop a note to support so we can get this patched up for you.

So turned on my Tablo this a.m. around 6:45 a.m. and was greeted with that in the Tablo Preview app. Went over to the regular app, and it seemed to be starting o.k. (although I jumped ship before the Sync was complete) and went back to Preview, still stuck. I force-stopped the app and restarted it, and it went right in. This was all on my Google Nexus player (yeah, still got one running reliably!).