Optimal ethernet adapter set-up?

I am trying to increase the speed of my Tablo system and am considering upgrading to the Roku Ultra as well as adding the TP-Link AV1200 Power Line Starter Kit to avoid any WiFi issues (we currently experience numerous delays when watching OTA recordings such as the local news). Since the TP-LInk has 3 ports I was thinking of moving the Tablo to behind the TV and then hardwiring it as well as the Roku and also connecting directly to the TV. I was hoping to get some feedback from others as to the effectiveness and potential gains in this arrangement prior to making all the purchases. Thanks!

I’m not fully understanding your post and what you are asking for.

I don’t believe upgrading to the Roku Ultra will improve any Tablo interactions to a noticeable extent. Tablo Live channel switching will always be problematic. This has to do with the sequence of events and the signal paths. Similarly for most shows to start up. There will always be a few seconds delay.

I personally am not a big fan of Power Line adapters as replacements for hardwired Ethernet connections. I do understand the issues with getting Ethernet to all the desires locations, though.

Have you any measurements of WiFi signal strength near the TV?

Most people here (including me) would advocate that the Tablo be hardwired to your router. That was for me the most important improvement in the Tablo’s behavior and responsiveness. My own personal setup has the antenna upstairs, in the same room my router, the Tablo (and, of course the antenna) as well as a number of other devices are located.

If your antenna is only available near the TV, then I suspect your current PowerLine plan is the best.

I use the two port to-links av2000 I rethink is the model number.

Tablo to router, then to power line adapter. Synch your adapters.

Mine work really well. Very happy with this setup. I am in a newer house, make sure you are not going through multiple circuits when connecting your powerline adapters. This will impact the performance of the adapters.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Assuming that multiple devices are in the same general location a multi-port powerline adapter is not needed. A single port powerline adapter will work just fine.

Spend $15-$20 dollars on a 4 port gigabit switch and connect the switch uplink to the powerline adapter. In fact most switches are smart enough to know that the device being addressed is on the switch and it sends the data between switch ports. Without sending it through the router.

Another side affect of this is that if you are using a Roku and tablo on the same switch and all the devices have have been assign addresses by DHCP if the router goes down the Roku can still function with the tablo on the switch. When you start the tablo app on the Roku you get the popup menu indicating the internet is down with the option to proceed. If you proceed the tablo app functions properly. Or at least it did two weeks ago.

Of course the app popup message of the internet being down seems to be a clear indication the Roku apps phone home on startup if they can.