Opt Out Of Beta Testing

I think there should be a way of opt out of beta testing so that there is no message to update when the product is not ready for release yet. So there should be two channels, one for the latest builds (beta) and another for stable releases. I think the tablo community is big enough now to have such setup.

I am sure there is a way to opt out of the beta testing group. That is purely an optional thing. Just send a note to the Tablo folks, and they won’t include you.

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@Jason_Stathopulos - Yep, that’s not a problem. Just pop a note to support with your MAC address and we can take you off the list.

I will do just that, thanks.

However, should there be an option, in settings, allowing anyone to opt out of beta then having to bug support to do this simple task?

You voluntarily opted in for the beta, Tablo didn’t force you to receive these updates. If you didn’t want beta firmware then you shouldn’t have chosen to be part of the group.

Being in a beta group can be awesome and it can be frustrating. I really enjoyed being on it for Motorola, as I received Lollipop ahead of everyone else on my phone. But it is has been somewhat of a pain for the Roku, with a lot of bugs in the beginning.

I don’t blame anyone for wanting to be in a beta, and I don’t blame anyone for wanting out as well if the experience is too disruptive. You just never really know.



We want people who are active and willing to test out code and provide real-time feedback. Sometimes people don’t realize the effort (and sometimes pain) that will be required and wish to opt out. That’s totally cool :slight_smile:

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Woah, it isn’t a one way street… If you want in you can later decide you want out…

You just hit upon the one reason I may exit the Beta program :grinning:

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