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Possible to have to app open directly to a favorite channel each time it’s used? The Mrs hates how it’s click the app, clip the live tv, scroll to channels to find the one we watch. I know most streaming apps don’t input numbers either, which makes having to scroll to our news each time not as intuitive. OR have a favorite channel or 2 in the top menu choice next to live or recordings tabs? I already use button mapper on my Sony to use dvr button to open Tablo and Tablo as main input choice. Thanks


That is what has kept my house from fully integrating with the tablo. We keep a $90 basic subscription with dish network for this reason exactly. My wife hates the live tv tablo scroll scroll scroll select mode of operation and refuses to use it. It should be pretty simple to add a keypad to the remote and allow selection of channels.

I know not what your looking for, but did you make a favorite channel list yet? Make one with you top handful of channels. Once the Tablo starts just press the down arrow a couple times and all your favorite channels are right there.

Also once you make a favorite channel list, you can set the guide to only show that. So put your top 2-5-10 in the list.

Tablo does not make your remote or the devices you watch on, so there is nothing they can do about adding buttons to any remotes.

I can’t see this hapening. Too many gen 4 app issues, not everyone wants this feature, and adding every little request as a settings option would result in a huge list of options.

The SD apps do this auto-tune and I really don’t like it.

Yeah just did that this morning. Listing 3 channels, and then guide only favorites. It helps, she only watches it sparingly and I’m not wanting to blow $100 a month just one little feature when there’s nothing on. Thanks

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Tablo does make the remote for the HDMI version. Are you not planning on supporting this device? The HDMI version was the one I was most interested in to replace my Dish receiver.

It appears that Tablo is currently only producing 4th Gen products which so far don’t include an HDMI model. If you are wanting an HDMI model, your best bet is eBay. But, I wouldn’t expect Tablo to make any feature enhancements to the legacy models.

They no longer sell that one and if you want HDMI and to be able to change channels like cable, the only DVR that can do it is TiVo.

Actually, there are many (for example, Homeworx).

My preference is Plex DVR. But not for “direct connection”, you’d want to get the “full use” and have it be network with the ability for fast channel changing via end “smart device” app. But at least you get Live TV anywhere, etc. One of the worse things you can do is rely on Plex Web (think direct) because then you are limited by the codecs that can work there. You’ll have better support with the “smart device” apps.

C’mon lets be serious :rofl: a VCR can do it too, but really not a good option.