ONN Google TV 4k Streaming Box from Walmart

I picked up one of the ONN Google TV 4k streaming boxes recently released by Walmart. They were only $19.88 and seemed worth a try, especially since I recently signed up for a trial of YouTubeTv.

I initially had a problem installing the Tablo app. When searching for it, the reply was that it was not available for this device. It also showed apps installed on other google devices and it showed Tablo Preview, so I installed that. It works ok but I know it has been deprecated. It also showed the regular Tablo app was installed on another device so I installed that and it worked just fine.

I am a little concerned that this streaming box with Google TV doesn’t seem to easily support the Tablo app. Others might not be so lucky in having the Tablo app in their library already, and might have trouble installing it. Tablo support might want to get hold of one of these things and make sure their Google TV/Android TV/Android app is properly functional.

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