ONN Google TV 4k Streaming Box from Walmart

I picked up one of the ONN Google TV 4k streaming boxes recently released by Walmart. They were only $19.88 and seemed worth a try, especially since I recently signed up for a trial of YouTubeTv.

I initially had a problem installing the Tablo app. When searching for it, the reply was that it was not available for this device. It also showed apps installed on other google devices and it showed Tablo Preview, so I installed that. It works ok but I know it has been deprecated. It also showed the regular Tablo app was installed on another device so I installed that and it worked just fine.

I am a little concerned that this streaming box with Google TV doesn’t seem to easily support the Tablo app. Others might not be so lucky in having the Tablo app in their library already, and might have trouble installing it. Tablo support might want to get hold of one of these things and make sure their Google TV/Android TV/Android app is properly functional.

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I just had this same issue. The Tablo app does not appear on the device when searching for it.

However if you browse to the google play store on a computer browser (https://play.google.com/store), then you can search for Tablo, then you can install the app by pushing it to the device. After selecting my device, it was installed.

I just picked another one up this morning, and the app was completely available in the store…

Is it possible that you haven’t let it go through all of its updates both in the OS and in the Google Play Store? Sometimes things get hung up in the updates section there, or just need permission to start updating. Otherwise, IDK what to say.

I only picked up another because I was hearing it didn’t work. The one I just donated last month did have Tablo in the App Store, and this one does as well.

I’ve been running it all day without issue (other than the wintry storm interfering with my antenna).

I hope you guys are able to get yours up and running without needing to send the app between devices – likely, you’ll end up with the mobile app which will cause issues since it’s not the TV app.

Yes, later I went directly to the Play Store on the ONN device and found the proper app and it works fine. I still don’t understand why I had to do that to find it.

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Ahhh… gotcha. I did first try searching from the Home Screen through Voice, but it kept giving me videos… but then I realized that google isn’t as smart as Alexa and after doing the work myself, BAM! :wink:

I still can’t get it to open Tablo half the time (but this is a Google thing, not an Onn thing). I’ll say “Open Tablo” it’ll say “Opening Tablo TV” or “searching for tableau” … if I say “open Tablo TV” it might open after saying “Opening Tablo” — sometimes it will say “Opening Tablo TV” and nothing happens. Again, this seems to be a GoogleTV thing because my actual GoogleTV does the same thing… Grrrr.

I do think I finally tracked down part of my issue with my TCL Roku TV (we do have 6 of them in our house) however mine is significantly older (7 years) than the others. No matter plugged in directly or on WiFi (excellent signal) my speed is only 85/87 Mbps while the others are over 200 and I can watch for hours without issue (other than the dang weather on OTA). While I hate to plug a streaming device into a TV meant to do the same thing I’m going to try it and see how my mileage varies.

I’m the same way, but you can only make an old TV suffer for so long! Even my 3yo AndroidTV, while it works FANTASTICALLY with anything I put on it, can use all the help I offer. It’s backed up with a 2nd gen Firestick, and it’s paired great with both models I’ve thrown at it. For the last year+ I’ve spit apps between the TV and stick – Streaming apps like Pluto, Plex, etc., on the TV, On demand apps like Hulu, Netflix, etc. on the stick. It was easy to know where things were then. My TV has its preloaded apps, but I keep only Tablo and two others directly on it. With the 2nd gen stick, I put everything on that, including Tablo. It’s hard to do, knowing that a TV is still capable of a lot, but it’s a much better experience using an external HDMI device that you can quickly upgrade when the time comes.

Good luck in whatever you choose. Keep us posted!

BTW, checking the speed difference was a great way to figure out why things weren’t operating as smoothly as you’d have liked. :+1: Awesome job!

After using the cheap onn Google tv device for a week… when my OTA channels have issues I get a weak signal error (which I expect since the weather has been crappy) not a single crash. FAST tv has been nothing but smooth. The app seems more polished than the Roku (that could be limitations with Roku OS). Having not used a Google device since the Nexus Player, I’m quite impressed with the interface. I like the fact that it brings my Plex channels into the built in live TV section and my wife’s Philo channels…she can’t live without the Hallmark channel. Nothing to do with the onn but my OTA DVR stopped recording in segments but FAST still has that issue. I’ll be patient though.

LOL… you like the one feature which stops me from using either the onn or CCwGTV!

I’m glad it’s working great. I never had an issue with it. I just preferred the speed and ease of use of the Firestick 4k Maxes.

I’m hoping the whole FAST recording splits/fails come to an end soon. I swear I have to record a movie or show 3x before I get the whole thing! Gotta love those extra writes on your drives…

It’s good that you’re patient. It’s become evident after 3 months that this is about all I can do when it comes to this device. Good luck, and thanks for letting us know how things are going!

Being Prime members probably should utilize it better with the Fire TV just never pulled the trigger. One thing I always hated about Roku but just lived with was constantly bouncing between apps.

lol. I hear that alot, but I had mine before I was a prime member. It really makes no difference in how the stick is used. Yes, it has Prime Video pre-installed, but so does my AndroidTV. It’s just like Google or Roku in that you need an account to use it.

Roku not being able to keep two apps running at a time was always annoying to me. If I clicked a button by accident, trying to go back to pretty much any app was like a full reload. Also, it’s so annoying that it offloads apps so often. I feel like I’m downloading the app any time I want to use it!

I’m just glad you found something that works. You keeping it in full mode or app-only?