Only Spanish audio on Packers-Browns game

Watching Packers-Browns game on KLJB Fox TV OTA in Quad Cities area on Tablo but it is in Spanish and says only Default Audio track is available so there is no option to change it. Had to connect antenna directly to TV to watch then I am given two audio track choices, English 1 and English 2, of which English 1 is in English and English 2 is in Spanish. Why doesn’t the Tablo TV allow me the choice between the two? Please fix this issue.

Didn’t you answer your own problem. How can the OTA broadcast have 2 audio channels in English where one is really Spanish. Maybe you should contact the station and have them fix their problem.

Since tablo transcodes the OTA broadcast into h.264 HLS format it currently only has the capability to pick one audio channel and that is English if the audio channel’s metadata is is correct.

I doubt the broadcaster would escalate an issue like this since they are providing two choices of audio even if the description is wrong. It may be an issue with the national broadcast and not the local affiliate. Although the transcoded stream only allows for one audio channel, before transcoding both channels are available to choose from, TabloTV includes a setting to choose which audio channel is selected. What is the purpose of the setting TabloTV provides for selecting an audio channel if it doesn’t let you select one? The description of the channel by the broadcaster should not matter. Maybe in some cases one channel is English dialog and one is English with added narrative. The TabloTV is receiving both audio channels and choosing channel 2 by default in this case. A normal assumption would be it would choose channel 1 by default due to hierarchy if both channels have the same description. Not a big deal when watching a program live and I can switch to a TV but I bought the TabloTV to record programs and if it chooses the wrong audio channel by default, it defeats the purpose. TiVo DVRs do not seem to have this problem.

Hasn’t most of this been discussed going back to the beginning of the NFL season when multiple langauges(Spanish simulcast) broadcast was started. And since this problem only occurs with a small number of stations it’s really a problem with the local encoding.

And some local broadcasters have fixed the problem based on consumer contact while others got e-mail from tablo. And didn’t tablo indicate that it only defaults to audio channel 1 if it doesn’t find a known language - english.

And I really don’t think tablo will be changed to allow for a language specification per recording.