Only recorded half the show

So I recorded Stephen Colbert last night and it looks like there was a football game before that delayed things. Tablo only recorded 25 mins of Colbert.

How do I prevent this issue in the future? Wouldn’t the Tablo detect when Colbert actually started?

I would think it would be difficult. When does a live show end? Somewhat unpredictable. What is needed is some kind of live show polling where next start data is available somehow. I suggested at one time hanlding this via some sort of “community” helper… if everyone is saying the next show has started, use that info do dynamically feed the unit. Not as easy as you might think.

This is a problem with all DVRs as there’s no way to know when the football game or other live event will end. I had this problem on my DirecTV DVR, and came up with a workaround. For Tablo, the workaround I use is a little different. When I see that there is a live sporting event, presidential address, etc. prior to shows I have scheduled to record, I simply go in and schedule a manual recording for each show that I want, beginning at the scheduled start time, and stopping well past the scheduled end time. Typically I’ll add an hour, but it depends on the event. Also, in conjunction with that, I cancel the automatically scheduled recording so as not to end up with two of them. I also add “manual” to the name of the show so that I know it’s something that I manually recorded.


Great advice.

Thanks, I guess there isn’t much Tablo can do then if every DVR has this problem.

I don’t really pay attention to the TV schedule much to when a live event could effect my DVR, that’s why I like the Tablo. (Colbert did say on his show that it will happen 4 more times on Thursdays because for Thursday night football). I select “record new” and just check my recordings of what 's been recorded.

Another workaround could be recording Coburn, the guy after him. I don’t watch his show but that would give me a more automated way so I don’t need to select a manual recording.

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That’s what I used to do when I had a DirecTV DVR… just recorded a show or two after the one I wanted so I’d be sure to get what the actual show that I wanted. I actually like the manual record feature of Tablo compared to that method, but that’s just my personal preference.