Only Partial Recording - Why?

I setup my Tablo to record “Masterpiece Mystery Sherlock: The Abominable Bride” on Jan 1st. It recorded the first 23 minutes and of the 90 minute show and then stopped. I didn’t have anything else to record at that time and it stopped 23 minutes into the show - not 30 or 60 minutes. I don’t see any message like “weak signal” or “signal lost”. Any idea of why it did this? I have 2 GB drive with 1.78 GB free. The local PBS station is always a strong signal.

I assume you mean 2 TB drive?

Is your Tablo new? Have you recorded 90 - 120 min shows just fine in the past?

I recorded Sherlock too and it recorded just fine so unlikely a broadcasting issue. But could be a HDD disconnect issue, possible signal issue if you had bad weather.

If it wasn’t PBS I would say sports event ran overtime. I suggest opening a ticket and they can look at the logs.