Only one connection works at a given time

It seems there is a new problem every day now. Last night when we tried to watch in 2 different rooms the second connection would always go back to the menu screen after a minute or 2. Then I would occasionally get a message that a tuner could not be found. Still getting message that previous equipment can not be found every time.

Do you have a 2 Tuner or a 4 tuner?
How many shows were being recorded?
Were you watching Live TV or a Recording?

2 Tuner, no recordings, attempting to watch a live TV program on each

And just to be clear both connections are using the same WiFi the Tablo is on???

Also could recordings have just finished recently? A tuner is required to generate thumbnails.

Yes, same WiFi. Not sure about previous recording but by the time I gave up it would have been at least 30 minutes as I missed the entire show I was trying to watch.

@dmgray55 - Can you pop us a note so we can investigate why you’re having these issues? We’d like to get this patched up for you:

Is your hard drive working? The Tablo will only use a single tuner if there is not a hard drive.

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Good point thanks