Only One Channel Available Between Reboots?

HI all,

New user here. I purchased the Tablo to use on my Roku’s I have throughout the house. I hooked up the digital antenna, added a flash drive and off I went. It worked great (watched the Packer game) but afterwards I changed the channel and no matter which channel I tried it would state ‘poor signal’ or similar error. If I reboot the Tablo and go to the channel I wanted to switch to it’s available, but now the first channel is not. Ie - I turn to 6, it’s available, I try to turn to 4, get weak signal error. Unplug and plug / restart Tablo, turn on channel 4, it’s available, turn to 6, it’s not available. I’ve moved the antenna to 3 other locations in the house with the exact same results.

This is my antenna:

Broadcast towers are about 10 miles away. Same behavior on Roku Express and FireTV Stick and RokuTV.

Any thoughts?





Flash drives should not be used with the Tablo.

Turn off the power, disconnect the flash drive and try viewing your channels again without a drive attached. If OK, then get an external hard drive as recommended by the community.


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Maybe Signal Overload ??? Can you try that antenna without the amplifier ? Do you have a splitter that you can insert to attenuate the signal also ?

@kewlguy53403 The flash drive is the culprit here; without a mounted compatible drive, the Tablo will only be able to play live TV for a few minutes on a single tuner. Here are the details on recommended drives.

The flash drive was definitely the culprit. However with NO drive attached every 5 minutes or so the screen goes black and states loading, but never loads. Is this due to having no drive installed? Is the tablo using it like swap space and the lack of it is interrupting the stream?