Only new recordings play

Recordings made before a change in internet providers will not play. Recordings made after do play.

Might want to state what Tablo you have network or HDMI, and client(s) Roku etc. Did you change surround sound setting during change? Are you getting error screen?

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Thanks for those suggestions RD4. I have a Tablo Dual Lite on a wireless network. Roku platform. WD Elements hard drive. When I try to play a recording done before I changed my internet network I don’t get an error message but only a loading screen (spinning).

You didn’t say if the surround setting is different now. If you don’t know change it now and see if the problem moves, old playing new not.

Changing the Surround Setting did not affect which recordings play.

If you haven’t already open a ticket with Tablo they can look into the tablo.

There is no practical reason I can think of the internet provider would affect your recordings so this sounds like a bug. Many bugs clear up with a simple reboot. If you haven’t done so reboot the Tablo and power cycle the hard drive.

Rebooting the Tablo and power cycling the hard drive did not solve the problem. Next week Tablo will look at the problem in remote access mode. I agree with you that it wasn’t the different internet provider but probably the actions I took to reconnect my Tablo to the new network.

I’m curious about what caused it is.

The problem was in the Western Digital Elements hard drive. Tablo support was able to fix this when the Tablo was put in Remote Access mode. Thank you for directing me to Tablo Support.

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