Only 1tb recognized on 2tb hard drive

I Had my tablo for two weeks, worked great. I finally cut the cable and changed internet providers. I had to add a new modem and router. This is when my trouble began. After tearing my hair out trying to get it all to work, I ended up factory setting the tablo and starting over, though I didn’t reformat my drive because I didn’t think it was necessary… Things seem to be working except my 2 Tb hard drive is only recognized as 1 tb. And all the shows I recorded prior are gone. I assume they are probably on the side that isn’t recognized. What do I do? Are the old shows gone? Do I need to reformat again and lose the new shows I just recorded? Please help.

What is the make and model of said HDD?

Western digital- my passport

Did you have about 1 TB of data recorded before your factory reset?

My experience is that if you switch your hard drive from one Tablo to another without reformatting, you lose that space on the disk. A factory reset may have the same effect. This is a reason why I suggest never do a factory reset without Tablo support telling you to do so.

Did you do a hard reset? That will erase all your recordings I believe.

You may consider starting over with a clean hard drive. To do this you will format the hard drive using your PC and then do a hard reset of the Tablo with the Hard Drive reattached and your entire drive should be accessible again.

Plug the drive into your PC. It will not be visible in Windows Explorer so you will need to right click on “This PC” in Windows 8 or I think it was just “Computer” in Windows 7 and then click Manage.

Click on Disk Management.

On the bottom half of the screen find your drive (it will not have a drive letter)

Right click on the drive and click Delete Volume. Make darn sure you do not click on the C:Drive or any drive with a drive letter.

Right click on the drive again and click Create Simple Volume.

This will walk you through formatting the drive and assigning a drive letter. Once this is done the drive will be visible in Windows Explorer and you can see if the entire drive is accessible again.

Now you can attach the drive to the Tablo and do a hard reset. This will format the drive again for use with the Tablo but if the entire drive was visible in Windows Explorer it should also be visible with the Tablo.

No, I only had the tablo for a few weeks. I know it wasn’t even 1/4 of the way used.
I did do a hard reset, I tried calling tablo, but I never got a response back, so I looked online for solutions.

Yes, I did do a hard reset with the HD drive plugged in.
I have a Mac, not a pc. I’m nervous to reset everything again because it took forever to get everything back. It was easy with an initial setup, but I had a lot of problems with reseting everything. That didn’t go so easily. I still can’t get my iPad to work yet.

Can’t I just reformat the hd without a hard reset to the tablo? I looked at it on my mac, it only shows 1 tb also.

The biggest pain I saw when I did a hard reset (other than losing over 500GB of shows) was that Tablo lost my scheduled recordings settings (wasn’t surprising since it was resetting to factory specs… just a pain). It took me a good week to re-establish all of those. Uploading scheduled recording setting to Tablo servers that could be replicated back to a Tablo once the hard reset is done would be a nice feature.

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I like that idea, or even better, save my settings local and allow me to reimport after a hard reset as well…


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I think on top of this, something like this to help migrate to a new harddrive, including the shows you have recorded would be fantastic

If you can see the drive on your Mac I would think you can format it on your Mac. You cannot see the drive on a PC after Tablo formats it. If you get it formatted on your Mac and see the whole drive again you should be able to plug it back in to the Tablo, have Tablo format it, and your good to go.

So I would have to hard reset the tablo again? If thats the case it’s not worth it.

I have a question, if you stopped using that external hd for tablo and wanted used it with your computer. Can it be reformatted back if the computer doesn’t recognize it? Or is it just trash. I noticed on the mac it showed up as linux format.


If you decide you want to use the HDD for something else, yes you can format it and use it on a Mac or PC for external storage. The drive is not permanently set up for the Tablo.

If you format the hard drive then connect it to Tablo you will be able to have the Tablo format it again without doing a hard reset in fact the Tablo interface should say “No Hard Drive” until you have Tablo format it. I did this on mine.

You can re-purpose the hard drive after using it on a Tablo. The instructions I posted earlier are how you do this on a PC. I would not know how it works on a Mac since I don’t use Mac’s.