One year free subscription with purchase of original 4-tuner

That’s not a bad way to get rid of inventory, though I encourage all users to get the lifetime guide.

You can always make the switcheroo after the freebie expires.

Why not split the discount and take $25 off of life time.

i purchased my 4 tuner maybe 2 weeks ago and still have maybe 2 weeks to decide on loifetime…any offer for me ??

yeah, I was pondering something similar. My first thought when I saw this was, “that’s one way to blow out old stock right before releasing the new product”. My next thought was, “they should do something for people who would buy the lifetime guide right up front”.

Same story here.

Not to say I wouldn’t except a partial refund after the fact, but this new deal only makes a difference for those who paid, or would pay, for monthly, or annual subscriptions the 1st year they had their Tablo.
I purchased a lifetime subscription right away, so it makes no difference if they give me a year or 2 or 3 or… free.

Yes they should offer a $99 lifetime subscription option. The free year just delays the lifetime full price. Lots of people choosing the Amazon Recast to avoid Tablo’s fees, Tablo needs be proactive and do something.

What is the price differential all in? Tablo QUAD vs Amazon Recast 4 tuner?

Depends on what you want.
Tablo’s maximum resolution is higher at 1080i @ 30FPS, and 720P @ 60FPS.
Tablo’s maximum simultaneous viewers is 6.
Amazon Recast maximum resolution is 720p, and maximum number of simultaneous viewers is 2, even on the 4 tuner model.

I generally test things before diving in. My current plan is to wait for the Quad, and after the trial subscription is over just go month to month until we decide to keep it.
That being said, if there was an offer for $99 lifetime at the time of purchase, i’d probably go for it.
I looked at a lot of OTA dvr options. Passed on Recast because I didn’t want to be harnessed into the Fire/Amazon/Alexa eco-sandbox.
As far as fees… try TiVo. That’s what we have now. I am optimistic that Tablo will will work out and as far as Tablo’s fees I’ll be saying, “Please! Take my money!”
The big difference being… I only have to say it once. :smiley:

Not sure how you quantify “Lots” or where the data of “Lots” is coming from. But I can tell you for sure, if a device does not work on Apple TV then you are excluding lots of customers.

The Recast does not even work on Roku devices, that is a lot of customers given in the past surveys that Tablo has conducted it is the most commonly used box by cord cutters with a Tablo.

Very true. It seems Amazon is not supporting any streaming boxes but their own. I see they have iOS and Android support, but no Roku, Apple TV, or anything else…

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Plex, same thing. One time Pass fee for TONS of options.

I’ve never tried their DVR.

From the comments on other forums and reviews by those that bought the recast rather than the tablo. If you don’t think that is happening you obviously haven’t bothered to find out. I bought a Tablo just because I didn’t want to be locked into Amazon devices, however Amazon can easily change that.

Competition is great, makes better products for the end users. Once the commercial skip goes live for the Tablo, those Recast fanboys are going to be regretting their purchase.

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The hardware cost difference is only about $30. It’s the fees that are the big difference, people just hate paying them. Look what’s happening with TiVo as a good example.

Oops, I forgot that I had to buy an external HD for the Tablo. the WD 1 TB drive was $54. So for me the tablo was actually more expensive ($24) than the recast, plus the additional subscription fees.

By the way, Tablo’s lifetime $150 fee covers up to 10 Tablos.

Do you address everyone who makes choices not the same as you do as “fanbois”?