One-touch live tv

I am very happy with most things Tablo. After years of DirecTV and U-Verse TV with DVR service, Tablo performs quite well as a whole-home DVR.

However I have difficulty with Tablo in returning to Live TV after previously pausing or rewinding live TV. I can press fast forward till the cows come home, but I always still have to press OK before I return to “motion picture”… and I am never sure if I have reached full live TV or if I am still on “tape-delay” (if only by a few seconds). (With DirecTV or Uverse, just holding ffwd would ffwd as far as it could then seamlessly transition to Live TV).

While I use Tablo on iPad and Linux Chrome, I mostly use Roku 3 (particularly with reference to “ffwd button”.)

Someone just requested a ‘get to live’ button the other day. Sounds like this is becoming quite popular so I’ll definitely pass it along to the dev team.

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That would be great. Thanks!