One tablo at home and one at cottage, now can't connect to cottage tablo via android app

We set up a tablo at the cottage about a month ago and then set up a second one at home a few days ago. Now we are back at the cottage but our android phones are not able to connect to the cottage tablo using the app. Oddly, the Chrome browser access works from a Windows 10, Linux and Chrome OS PCs and even the Android phones. Any reason why the Tablo app would not work anymore? Can it handle having been connected to another Tablo? Note that after we select “Connect” it spins saying “Retrieving Tablos” then "Connecting . . . " then says, "a connection to your tablo could not be established . . . "

If you were using the app to connect to your other Tablo, try disconnecting then reconnecting. It might be looking for the wrong one.

Yes that worked. Thanks. It is still odd we didn’t have that issue with the browser method but now we know how to make the app work again.
Thanks again.

If both your Tablos have the same name, that might be causing your issue. Using your browser, you can rename one of them under Settings–>General. That might help… your disconnect/reconnect fixing the problem may be pointing in that direction.


Most Tablo apps are designed to automatically look for and connect to whatever Tablo was connected to last time the app was opened. So if that Tablo is no longer accessible, depending on factors such as if the app was open in the background or if the cache needs clearing, it may try to connect and eventually time out. Simply hit ‘cancel’ or ‘switch tablos’ depending on your app and it will search for other ones it can see.

As well, much like what @lkahhan mentioned, renaming your Tablos to different names from the Settings screen can help you know which one you are connecting to from the Connect screen, in case this happens again.

Thanks lkahhan and TabloBetaAdmin. Yes I did not think about changing the default name. I have now done that for the home one and give the second one a unique name when we are back to the cottage. Great suggestions.

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