One Roku device always works, 2nd I always have to reset Tablo

I have the Tablo lite, works great on one Roku, never have to reset. 2 nd tv with same Roku device, always shows cannot connect. I unplug Tablo, wait few minutes and it works great until I watch Netflix or Sling, the. Same thing all over. The first tv never fails to connect.

WiFi setup for all devices.


Are the Tablo and Roku hardwired to to your router, or on Wi-Fi? Is the Roku connected to the same network/subnet as the Fire TV?

If it’s a Roku device and not a TV why not reboot the Roku and see if that clears the problem.

I have a 4200 Roku connected via 5g WiFi and this seems to happen every day or two under long continuous usage for the last 2 years.

It starts by the app needing to reconnect which fails and since I have multiple tablo unit if you disconnect the unit the search for any tablo fails. My situation is probably a build up of sockets that haven’t had time to complete the shutdown. And I don’t feel like waiting the 3-5 minutes to see if they complete the shutdown.