One click to watch live TV from EPG (Roku)

On Roku, I’d prefer that when I click OK on a program in the EPG, it immediately tunes to the channel, as opposed to presenting an intermediary screen to display program information and prompt me to watch or record.

There is already the ability to one click record in the EPG via the Roku remote’s asterisk (*) button. I’d like the ability to 1 click watch.

This is particularly important when switching channels between shows since the Roku remote won’t allow for easy channel change (e.g. by typing a channel number). Currently, I must hit back to exit the current program, navigate up/down in the EPG to find the new program, click on the new program, click watch, then wait for the tuning. The primary step that can be eliminated here given the limitations of the Roku remote, is the extra click to watch the new channel.

I have been clicking play instead of ok from the menu and that has been working for me.

If you hit the play button in the Roku EPG IT starts playing the channel right away.

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Boom! Thank you @theuser86. I was unaware.

Tablo team, please disregard this feature request.

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P.S. Thanks also to @charlesh for the answer as well!

I just smacked my forehead. I’ve been all grumbly about this b/c I’ve been using the OK button on my roku. Awesome!

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