One channel won't stream, ABC

I have one channel that won’t stream. It seems like an error that you’d get when you don’t have good signal, but this, and all other channels show as full strength in the guide settings. (5 green dots).

I have seen this same error on Android, Android TV and Web. Any ideas?

By any chance is this KABC 7 in Los Angeles? I’m having the same issue, if so…

Nope, its KTVX in Utah.

Is it a VHF or UHF station? Is your hard drive close to full? 2 tuner or 4 tuner? Are tuners busy? Remember that it takes a tuner to create the icons for FF after a show records.

Its the local ABC affiliate, not sure on VHF vs UHF. No other tuners are busy at the time. 2 tuner Tablo. I have a 2TB disk that is only 20% full. I can switch to other channels just fine and streaming starts right away. It seems to be just this one channel. Very strange.

What is the channel number? 14 or higher is UHF. 1-12 are VHF. But if the signal is 5 green circles, then it should be working. Might try rescanning channels to see if it is still 5 green. Have you looked at to see if the one station might have its broadcast towers away from the majority of the stations?

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TVfool shows it as green. It’s channel 4.1, so VHF.

Be careful with those VHF/UHF rules. They ended with the transition to digital. The numbers you see are virtual numbers and often don’t correspond to actual channels. For example, in the SF Bay Area, the virtual/actual are detailed here:

I don’t think it’s possible that virtual ch 4.1 could be VHF. Mostly all channels below channel 7 have been remapped to UHF. I think there are some exceptions for some channel 6s. Even for channels 7-13, they are often remapped (e.g., Ch 9 KQED in SF is actually ch. 30).

Edit: I looked up KTVX ch 4.1. It’s actually UHF channel 40.

The thing I like about the DTV box I have is it will show the real channels if you manually add a channel. Some stations such as the 17 in Austin area are low power. They ((-1 thru - 5) are strong enough to watch without the Tablo but with the Tablo theydon’t come in. I did not try after the last two betas but did early on. Perhaps I should try again.

Hey @Jack4G22, we got your ticket! We’re taking a look at your Tablo on our end now. Thanks for your patience.

After updating to 2.2.2 firmware, that channel will now stream! Thanks @TabloSupport for getting that fixed. However, after the guide updated, i lost several of my scheduled recordings. Not sure if its related to the upgrade, but I will be monitoring that.

Were you able to reschedule them? Hopefully it doesn’t happen any more. Glad you’re able to watch it. I rescanned yesterday and channel 17 still doesn’t come in on the Tablo. Must be to weak of a signal and then the 4 way internal split. Not much there that I can’t watch on another channel at a different time.

Unfortunately its still happening. Yesterday I had chosen 5 NFL games to record, and I saw 5 scheduled items on the “Recordings” tab. I verified yesterday on Web and Android that 5 games were showing up.

This morning when I look in the “Recordings” tab, i only see 3 NFL games set to record!!! And it looks the same on all devices. Could a sync from one of the devices be causing this?

I have had NFL games become unscheduled as well, and had to “Reschedule” them on the day of the event. Not sure why that happens, and I have only seen it on NFL games.

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@Jack4G22 - Are you running 2.2.2?

Couple posts up he said he is.

@TabloTV could their problem be the coding to tell if it is a duplicate depending on what the EPG has for name and description? Is the do not record duplicates checked? Try unchecking it if it is.

I can try scheduling some NFL games during lunch and check it Saturday morning to see if they are all still scheduled. Only thing is all my devices have beta on them, so if they remain. the problem might be solved.

I scheduled all the games on Sunday. I’ll see if they are still scheduled tomorrow

Interesting thought. Maybe its counting “NFL Football” as a dupe and kicking those out?

This can happen if the guide data for the upcoming live event (usually sports) are not yet determined.

The Tablo will schedule an airing with a unique ‘ScheduleID’, which is then changed if/when the broadcasters update the title of the airing, so that instead of ‘NFL Sunday’ it’s now ‘Team A vs Team B’.

The entire ‘ScheduleID’ is changed instead of just the name of the airing. As a result, the original ‘ScheduleID’ evaporates.

As a work around, you can enable ‘Rec all’ (and then filter out games you don’t want) and disable ‘don’t record duplicates’ during sports season to avoid this. We intend to find a more permanent way of working around this in the future.