One channel gets Could not play live stream

Hello Group

I have one channel and only one channel that gives me a consistent error of “Could not play live stream”. WDCI Chicago 57.1 (RF 30.1). Channel scan shows it with a strength of 5 green dots but an “unknown” format. I am able to decode the signal when directly connected to a Vizio TV set.

Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.

It use to be that tablo required that PSIP metadata exist for the channel and that the minimum required fields were properly filled out.

Most TV’s can display a minor amount of PSIP data when OTA antenna is directly connected.

Other then that you would have to ask support exactly what the message means especially since WDCI is a low powered translator.

Thanks. Incomplete PSIP metadata sounds like the most likely culprit considering the strength of the signal and the fact it’s only one channel.

Open a ticket and let support give you an answer.

But this thread babbles about PSIP.

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Ok now the Tablo can decode the channel - even though channel scan still can’t display the format it’s in. Go figure. Gift horses and stuff I guess :wink: