On streaming 4K box

Hello everyone. I purchased a ONN box today and absolutely could not get it to connect to my wifi. I have never had this problem with any device I have hooked to it. Just curious if anyone has had this problem with the ONN streaming box. Thanks in advance

Did not have this problem with either of mine

Could you explain what is happening?

If nothing else, factory reset the device and try to set it up again.

I’ve got an ONN and didn’t see this problem.

I have tried everything and it will not hook to my wifi

I wonder if the Ethernet model works ok

“Everything” is a pretty vague answer.

We’d love to help you, but it’s really important that we get as much information as we can from you.

And I know this is probably redundant, but have you rebooted your modem and router?

Regardless, just saying it’s not working and you’ve tried everything doesn’t give us a place to start. Hope we can help you fix this!

Did you get the Onn 4K or the Onn 4K Pro? I am using the Pro model via ethernet with no issues. Haven’t tried it wireless.

It is the ONN 4k box. It is not the $49 dollar one. I have rebooted everything several times with no luck. Was thinking about getting the pro one that hooks with Ethernet and giving it a try. I have reset the box several times with no luck. My router is a Linksys and it is 2 4 gh and 5 gh

I have the $49 box, and I encountered that issue when I first set it up. I did get it to work with wi-fi, but I had to delete my wi-fi network from the box and then add it back manually (type in the name rather than select from the list of wi-fi). After I did that, the wi-fi worked, and it has worked ever since.

I went back today and bought the same one. I just went ahead and hooked it up by the Ethernet cable and never had a problem with setup. This is a very good device. I have been playing it about all day and it is doing great

You may want to confirm you have good wifi signal in that area.

$20 box has a very small / cheaper wireless card.

Download inSSIDer on your laptop and check the signal strength.