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I just got my Tablo. Love it in theory but almost all of the schedule is wrong. Either the programming is wrong or it’s not the channel it’s listed as or there’s no programming listed at all. And some of the channels I had when connected to my TV are not there at all (like Buzzer). Any ideas how to fix this?

Make sure you put the correct zip code in the set up. That’s how Tablo determines what schedules/channels to display.

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And if some of the channels are missing guide data we can work to get that corrected if you send along your zip and the list of channels affected: www.tablotv.com/ask-tablo/

In the meantime, switching to a nearby zip code that is older/more populated can help.

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I live in an area where there is only one or two zip codes. I’m in the rural community East of Kingman Arizona and there’s only one zip code. The correct zip code (86401) is reflected in the setup.

I have contacted Tablo for help already. It didn’t ask for my zip code but I did fill out the MAC address and the other information. My zip code is 86401.

The internet shows 4 ZIP codes for Kingman… 86401, 02, 09 and 12. Might try the others just to see if it helps.

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Nope. Each one gives me the same channels and still no programming for GetTV, Grit, 61.6 Mystery and still several of the channels show the wrong programming. The 45 channels including Buzzer don’t show up at all but they do when I connect the antenna to my TV.

Although accurate, it’s not absolutely necessary to manually enter a zip code, depending upon app/device - it can get location from that as well.

New Tablo Setup: Channel Scans note: Use current, for a new tablo

Settings > Edit location > Use current > Begin channel scan > Add to guide.

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It’s actually worse with 86409. Before I had 3 stations that didn’t show programing. Now I have 7.

Interesting. I’d see if Tablo Support can offer a suggestion. I would think there has to be a way to get the channels you can receive on the TV.

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I think I’m going to return the Tablo. This schedule thing is a deal breaker. When I connect to my TV I get more channels, I get an accurate guide, and the channels listed are the right channels. None of that is happening with the Tablo. Wrong channels, wrong programming, no programming.

I’ve tried letting it detect my location. I’ve tried all 4 of the Kingman AZ zip codes. It’s not working and I’ve yet to hear back from the technical support.

In all honesty, I’d give them a chance. I had a number of issues with mine at first start. It WAS a bit of a PITB to get it straightened out but after the “birthing pains”, it has turned out to be a worthwhile investment of time. I’d give them a call (tomorrow) and see what they say. You are probably not the first or the last with the issue you have and it’s in their best interest to help you get it fixed.

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Thanks. I love the idea of it. I hate to be impatient but not sure how they can fix it? The idea of a long telephone hold for technical support is depressing. I just hope it’s somewhere in this country.

Well, the support is in Canada. I have called a NUMBER of times (remember my “birthing” comment?) and I have found that if I call early to mid morning (their time) I usually get through to a REAL person in 10 minutes or so tops. The techs are very willing to help and won’t give up until it’s addressed.

It sounds like there is an issue with the programming for your ZIP code and they CAN (probably) address that. It IS worth the effort.

I think a lot of customers expect Tablo to be a “plug and play” device and for many, it probably is. In my case, I had a LOT of issues with signal strength and ultimately with a software issue that they fixed in the latest update (but never told me) until I called and talked to another tech. Disappointing but ultimately it has become very reliable and as I said, I think if you’ll work through it with them, you will ultimately be happy with the device.

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BTW, be aware that the Tablo uses multiple tuners so the signal is divided among the tuners. They DO use an amp ahead of the tuners but there is still some finite loss so it’s possible that your Tablo might not be quite as “hot” as the single receiver on a TV but overall, I think you’ll be happy id yo work through it.

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I completely agree, all you ever hear about are the terrible issues (several people with hurt feelings). I had to call once, in the morning… after 20min on hold I ran out of time . Got home in the afternoon, called again got through and was done within 10minues. Just say’n it’s a hit’n miss.

I’ve contacted them via email, with less critical issues… yes, they always send a canned boilerplate, even if it’s the second time with a similar issue. You know you’ll likely have to go through things with a screen reader - going over all the basic you already did before they get to actual help. It’s the nature of live tech support… quickest way, just go along with it.

I recall there have been rare issues with some users at or near timezone lines or near “boundaries” the guide provider uses - the TV uses EPG, sent by the station.
Not being sure how they could isn’t the same as they can’t.

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Thank you for the encouragement.

Let us know how it works out…

one thing to remember when calling their tech support is they close at a certain time. If you are on hold at the time they close you might as well hang up as they are not coming back. This has not happened to me but I have seen a couple people complain about it. As others have said though it works well once you get it working. I have been with tablo since before they even had the thumbnails.

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I have been a “cord cutter” for quite a few years - first with the Windows Media Center, then when Microsoft dropped support, went to TiVo, and finally to Tablo. Microsoft wouldn’t support anything, unless you paid them (there was no “warranty” for software), and almost every time, they would blame it on the hardware I was using.

TiVo support was better, but I had to pay $300 for the DVR, $180 for every TV to have a mini, plus $500 for lifetime guide/support (4 TVs total = $1,340). They had 24-hour support, unless it was an “escalated issue”, which was restricted to certain hours.

Tablo has always worked with me on the issues. I live in 78641, but I have to use a zip code in Austin, TX - 30 miles away to get the local guide to act right (it is a problem with the 3rd party that provides the information to the Tablo).

If you compare the competition - Tablo by far is the best DVR at the price point (major competitor is Amazon Recast - who has big issues as well, and as big as Amazon is - try to get through to tech support). TiVo is a much higher price point…

Cord cutting is light years ahead of where we were 10 years ago, but it still doesn’t have the 30+ year experience and investment that the cable company has. And there is a reason most of us have gotten rid of cable TV…