On Roku, Refresh "what's on" on live view without exiting

When displaying the live view on the Roku, it shows you what is on at that time. If I watch a show for an hour for example and return to the list, the shows that are displayed are stale and needs to be refreshed. I have to exit out of that view and return to it to refresh. Would be nice if this list is refreshed automatically when returning to it.


The whole Tablo-Roku Live TV interface is probably one of the most requested changes around here.  Right now it functionally works, but it definitely is the worst of all the Tablo interfaces for live TV.  

The ultimate goal is to have it look like the app/web live tv interface.  But I have no idea when that will be,

Yes I have heard the same… time will tell for us forum readers/posters

FYI guys, we’re actually looking to hire someone to focus solely on Roku dev so we can start cranking on some of these requested changes.

Great news!!!

+11111111 - Not being able see what else is on Live TV with stopping viewing as by far the biggest limitation in the Roku app

The Live TV guide not being refreshed each time you open it is #2

The guide not being horizontally scrollable to see future shows like in the iPad app is #3

#4 - Scheduled Recording should be adjacent to Live TV and not at the end of the list

#5 - Five clicks to view a recording instead of 3 is too many. If I only have 1 episode it should just play that episode. Likewise if I only have 1 show of any type recorded on my drive, it should skip the Today and Last Week screen and go straight to that single show.