On or Off Overnight?


I just got my Tablo Dual HDMI and waiting for my hard drive to arrive sometime today so I haven’t set anything up yet. Just wondering, do I need to have the power left on when I’m recording something overnight or just plugged in and it will turn on when the time comes?

Thanks, Gus

Your new Tablo doesn’t have a power switch, it is always on as long as it is plugged in. The power button on the remote is only for your TV assuming it has CEC capabilities.

Thank You for your quick reply.

So that means the hard drive is constantly powered up and running 24/7?

Powered up, yes but many (most?) drives will spin down after some period of inactivity and spin up again when reading/writing data.

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100% I’ve never seen a drive that doesn’t spin down by default. The Tablo does important tasks overnight anyway. I think mine does it’s maintenance at around 3am in the morning.

Any more “hard drive” is a generic term, not all storage device even have a drive. You may have an SSD which doesn’t even spin… no drive, or hard platter.

If you’re concerned about unnecessary spinning consider a Solid State storage aka SSD.