On interesting thing happened on the way to /r/cordcutters

Some asked about internal antenna (sigh). I told them that it could get expensive trying ones to see if it will work, when it was pretty obvious that the user needed an outdoor antenna.

I mentioned Antop the big boy indoor/outdoor one.


I asked why and they said because I mentioned Antop.

Antop became a banned word / domain, it appears it’s because of their constant spam, extremely high price, and general shady practices in marketing. No offense to you but I’m not approving the post. Thanks for trying to help out though.

Apparently “people” spammed them with so much “fake” Antop recommendations that they were forced to ban the “name that may never be spoken”.

I know little, just from Tablo Community Users (generally valid) commenting positively about Antop.

Although I do recall somewhere (probably here) an ad pic with an antenna superimposed on a balcony. Instead of actually hanging one on a house, the “faked” a picture to show how easy it was to hang their antennas.