On Apple TV (et al) paging

When you have a large number of OTA channels it takes a long time to move down the LiveTV guide one channel at a time. Enable a paging feature so we can move down a full screen at a time.

You should be able to use swipe gestures on the Apple remote to scoot quickly through all of the menus.

Are you not seeing that?

Yes, and no. The swipe works, but there is lag time and overshoot that makes it difficult.

Let me be more specific. Using the remote there is a small issue with lag time and overshoot, but using the remote is also not practical. You can only have one remote assigned to the device, so others have to use the iPhone app, or play football-toss with the remote.

The app has two modes: swipe and button. Button mode does not allow swiping. Swipe mode, like the remote, suffers from lag time and overshoot.

I don’t see a lag with the Apple TV 4K remote.

What Apple TV do you have?

HD. Thanks for the info.

Whenever the remote doesn’t behave like it is supposed to, I usually reboot the Apple TV and this fixes it.

There are also settings for the remote itself in the Apple TV UI. You might want to try tweaking those.