Olympic Trial Covers

Can we please get cover art for Olympic trial related things? Also Wimbledon covers aren’t showing either.

This is a service we all pay for. We should never have to ask.


I would love to get covers for the Olympic trials also.

Agreed. I brought this up last year to @TabloTV and @TabloSupport.

I’m still seeing the same issue with Wimbledon and the Trials… At least the trials are the right name?

Click on the images to see the full image

I guess this won’t get fixed. I’ll have to wait until next year.

Other than the unit itself this is their primary product. It should take precedence over everything else.

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I assume you are just being sarcastic. Images for programs are about as minor an issue as you can get.

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Not at all. Those images are a paid service. I paid $150 for those images.

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You paid $150 for guide data (and other features), which you get. The images are a nice add on, but completely unnecessary for the Tablo to do its job.

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The images are part of the guide data.

tgwaste is correct:

  • Guide data includes beautiful cover art as well as series and episode synopses.

From: http://support.tablotv.com/hc/en-us/articles/201539867-What-do-I-get-for-my-subscription-

Edited to add: though technically correct in that it is something that is paid for, I would rather have other features done first :wink:
(though it shouldn’t take a lot of time to add some cover art)

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Aww c’mon. Use your imagination.

@snowcat You’re one of my favorite people on the forum (Go Titans). I hope you know this is coming from a good place…

Honestly, it’s time for Tablo to get with it on a lot of stuff. We go easy on them way too much. I’m having an issue with duplicates still and rarely does anything on our request list get addressed. As a designer, metadata and artwork are a big deal to me as well. I raised an issue about artwork and guide data recently and the response was baffling to me. I’m still waiting for clarification on my duplicates issue.


I’m tired of acting like Tablo is a crowdfunded project. The hardware wasn’t cheap and we all pay for service and it should work. Period.

Lastly, I’m excited about your Titans and my Browns next year. I don’t want the Titans to do too well this year because the Browns have your 2nd rounder in the draft in 2017. :wink:


The image for the Olympics should be a mosquito, since it is the Zika Olympics. :frowning:

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@faganm24 Do you have recordings on your drive from last year’s Olympics? We’re touching base with our guide data provider on this now. It appears that they do not currently have images for these airings right now.

If you have older Olympics airings on the disk, the old images could be used. This is the result of how Olympics/sports data can be organized on the provider’s end. That said, we’re touching base with our provider on this now to see if we can help them improve this experience.

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I didn’t have my Tablo the last time there were Olympics in 2014.




Here’s an example. This is my artwork for College Football. It used to be the correct one, not it looks like maybe Iowa’s logo? It’s been like that over six months if i’m not mistaken. As a graphic designer, this stuff drives me nuts.

Right now on my sports page i only show 7 covers out of 14. Should I get 50% of my money back?

Only if you redistribute it to all the other Tablo users.[quote=“tgwaste, post:18, topic:8130, full:true”]
Right now on my sports page i only show 7 covers out of 14. Should I get 50% of my money back?