Wimbledon is showing up as 2015 French Open Tennis

I set the French Open to record when it was on earlier this spring. Now that Wimbledon is on, it has recorded a few shows (only weekends on ABC Channel 7.1), but it records under the title of 2015 French Open Tennis. The description of each match is accurate, however the title is wrong.

Is this a Tablo issue? Or the guide data provider?

@TabloSupport Any ideas?

Moot point now as Wimbledon is done for (yay Djokovic), but the best way to get support’s attention for things like this is to open a ticket with them.

I’ll do that next time. Wondering if it will happen again for U.S. Open…

Based on the theory of delayed gratification, the US Open should appear in the schedule as Wimbledon :smile:

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@faganm24 Very odd! Unfortunate that we’re a little late on this, but we’ll flag this with our guide data provider now so that we don’t see it again.

I should have sent something the first time I saw it. Unfortunately there is only a 2 week window with these things from time of recording.
I still have the recording on my Tablo if that might help diagnose the problem?

@TabloSupport I still have the recording. Did this help in any way?