Older Program Recorded even though I set it to New Only

Last Saturday my Tablo Duo recorded Saturday Night Live, which broadcasted an episode from 2016, even though I had set the recording feature to only record new episodes. How can this happen and have others experienced this?

It happens because the station provides the wrong data to the guide providers. Might have been a late change, or they just got lazy and didn’t update their data.

Thank you very much!

SNL has been doing this for years. They will take an episode (typically from a relatively recent year) and trim the hour and a half down to an hour but cutting a few sketches or musical performances, label it as “new” in the EPG data because it’s a new abbreviated version of that episode, and air it at 10 pm on Saturday instead of 11:30. Your Tablo and your settings choices are spot and working correctly, it’s just a weird thing SNL does.

Thank you for responding with this useful information.