Older fire stick how can I increase the volume to my TV

older fire stick how can I increase the volume to my TV I have seen videos on The fire stick- however most are newer sticks with a volume control on them . one video explains the older version like-mine do you think I should try it see here. how to customize volume

What version on the firestick do you have. The new remote will work on gen 2 and above. If older than that you can purchase sideclick remoter the will snap on to the side of the firestick remote and provide power, volume, channel and input control.

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I have the first on that came out with no on off button and no volume selection. I tried the link on volume control tips https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4hSlzZ3gCNc and my instructions on the TV say you must pair a newer remote with on off power and volume control , so it wont work .and when I tried to set my volume in volume guide setting to high it did send only the voice commands from my TV into my sound bar loud but not on watching a movie.