Old Wine In A New Bottle?

For better or worse my new Tablo 2-tuner behaves the same as my old 2-tuner Tablo ( Poor receiver sensitivity, Tablo reboots itself when signal is very weak ). So, Tablo, tell us about all the hardware improvements you made on the SPVR2-02-NA Tablo. Thanks

Details of your antenna system pls.

I don’t think they made any changes to the tuner hardware.

That depends on which model.

The DUAL LITE does indeed have a new tuner/demod:


That being said, if your reception is weak you’re not going to have a great experience with any OTA DVR.

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The OP did specify the SPVR2-02-NA, which is not the LITE. Were there any changes in that model?

Sorry! Monday requires moar coffee. :coffee:

We did NOT use a new tuner/demod for the DUAL 64 as the one used for the LITE was not available at the time of the design phase for the DUAL 64.