Old vs New tablo, any reason to upgrade?

Looks like I will be switching out of youtube tv to save some money and that means getting back into my tablo device. I have the OG SPVR2-01-NA, is there any reason to consider the new models?

I’m still running a 2014 OG model. They just run hotter then the newer models. But a OG 2 tuner doesn’t run as hot as a OG 4 tuner. Run the old dog until it dies. Or get a good deal on a refurb and use it as backup.

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I would just keep the old device. I still have mine, and it works like a champ.


My OG 2 tuner was installed in March of 2015. Its 1tb hard drive is even older than that. None of it is showing any signs of old age. It records, plays, deletes many shows a day.


Big point, the old/original devices run on the same firmware as the new (prettier) ones – they all have the same functions/features. Tablo does not obsolete their devices.

There are post, the Tablo Dual LITE/Quad have different tuners (not saying how/if they are superior). All still only have USB 2.0.

New does have 802.11ac (if router supports) Quad has gig ethernet (not that it’s necessary).