Old Tablo Subscription

If I had to sign up for subscription for old Tablo dual. Will I still need subscription now that the newer 4th generation Tablo is out? What do I do?

The legacy Tablo’s still require a subscription. Supposedly a firmware update will let them work with the new apps, and maybe you won’t need the subscription. The subscription seems to be covered by ad-data from the FAST channels and who knows whatever data gathering they are using with the Gen 4.

From what I understand if you choose to use the new app you will get all the new fast channels and will not have to pay for the program guide. But if you are like me and bought the lifetime guide you will lose the ability to stream out side the house while out of town. So if you are paying a monthly fee and you don’t stream outside the house I would drop the old app and use the new app with the fast channel and free guide.

Doesn’t seem that using the new app with Legacy Tablo’s is possible at this time.
I have a TCL/ROKU TV and added the new app.
When I ran it, it said it couldn’t find a Tablo and said to go to Tablo Setup - Tablo TV app on phone.
So did that and long story short, it said you can’t use Legacy Tablo with 4th gen app, and can’t use Legacy app with 4th gen Tablo.
At this point it seems they are apples and oranges.

The new app will not work with the legacy tablo. But they are going to update the app so that the old tablo will work with the new app. If you do like the new app you will have the option to use either app. The old app if you didn’t buy the lifetime guide you will have to continue to pay for the guide. If you decide to use the new app you will cancel the guide on the old app so you don’t have to pay every month.

If you are like me I paid a lifetime for the guide so I can use either app which I good if you stream outside the home.