Old Tablo interface showing up in second Roku

I’ve been a satisfied Tablo owner since early spring 2015. I’ve had a Roku 3, all along and have used the preview channel. I’ve got the recent firmware update on the Tablo from mid October (I think 2.2.6, but can’t look it up right now).

So, today I bought a Roku 2 for another room. I logged into my Roku account and made sure the new Roku comprehended my channels. It picked up things like Sling with no problems. But, Tablo was not there. Upon searching, I found the original Tablo channel and added it. When I saw it was the old format, without the grid for live TV, I went to the Tablo site to see how to get it on this second Roku.

I followed all the promptings, then tried updating the system, but it tells me there are no new updates. I rebooted the Roku and tried updating again, and it’s not there.

How can I fix this? Or is that improved interface not available on Roku 2 (this is a newer Roku 2).

There does not seem to be a way to specify which Roku I want to update with the latest Tablo preview

This issue can be closed.

Turns out the preview channel did come across, but was buried in the middle of my big channel list. The order is not the same as it is in Roku 3.


Glad you found it Diane :slight_smile: