Old shows show as New - Bug in Guide?

Tablo Legacy OTA 1TB

It started recording some of the season 1 Night Court series again.
Picture below show 4 episodes and it thinks two are New.
Picture of individual episode shows these were first aired in January, so not new shows.

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I don’t see that on mine. Are you sure the series option is set to New Episodes? It could be glitch in the data from your local NBC. I’m in Chicago.

Yup, set to New Only. They are flagged as New.
Get my signals from Albuquerque, NM

New doesn’t mean new in the NBC schedule universe. New use to mean new for that station and was controlled by the local station. And the first aired date use to represent when the network first aired the episode.

These were all on the local NBC station.
The aired date is when they aired on local station. That is when we first recorded them.

Of the 4 shown, two show as New, and two don’t.
Rather inconsistent…

What does “New” mean then ?

It’s not unusual for shows to not be aired in the original scheduled date. Interrupted for some reason. And then when the episode is aired at a later date the “new” is set in the station schedule so that DVR products like tablo will record it.

Would something like the emmy’s have replaced the show.

Not that I recall, we have seen all of season one.

Same with “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” on cbs in tampa! When it’s a rerun, guide always says “new”, and records the episode. Been that way from the time I first plugged the unit in 6 months ago. Been through all the tablo problems, did full reboots several times for all the different problems that 4th gen units have and it’s always the same. 4th gen still isn’t ready for prime time! We are “The Beta Testers”, and all it cost us was 99 - 139 dollars and a HUGE amount of our wasted time. Lucky us! I’ve complained several times, both here and with csr’s, only to be told it’s a problem with either my network, or my intelligence. This isn’t my first rodeo and I’m quite tech savvy. Just wish I could either get my money back from the sub-par unit or payment for all the hours I’ve put in to trying to solve all the problems plaguing the unit.

Shouldn’t the question be how much R&D effort that could have been applied to fixing bugs experienced by 100% of the user base was wasted on the appletv app.


It’s not a Tablo problem. It’s an issue with the guide data provider, and/or the local station and it’s owner. Here in Chicago, the local NBC is owned by NBC.