Old recordings not playing

I’ve had my Tablo for 5 years. It’s been hardwired to an outdoor Antenna (like the huge kind you put on a roof back in the day) for the past 3 years.

I recorded old Alfred Hitchcock, Twilight Zone, Night Gallery and when I recently go to watch them, they won’t play. It just spins. Then I noticed all the movies I had recorded did the same.

Recent recordings will play. I’m suspecting the recent firmware upgrade may be to blame? Any ideas? I have it running off my 1GB WiFi with a strong signal. No issues with any sort of antenna signal or anything other than the playback.

But when you have about 300 recordings that no longer want to play, it’s a bit frustrating. The external hard drive I have hooked to it appears to be fine but that’s the only other variable I can guess is that the hard drive may have gone bad uncertain sectors but that’s just odd to me as it isn’t making any clicking sounds like it’s gone bad and the needle is damaged or anything.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

Hey there, it’s possible the hard drive could be experiencing issues. That said, our support team should be able to determine this for you (and potentially help resolve the issue) quite quickly. If you haven’t already, I recommend sending our team a ticket.

The usual trouble shooting steps, power cycle everything - tablo, router, “viewing” device.
But your tablo otherwise functions?

Have you viewed these in the past? The had been/are good recordings at some point in time?

If you’ve been reading post here, you’ll see that often – it irrelevant to tablo. But These are past recordings, and current signal isn’t as important. Realize signals can vary from unknown reasons constantly.

off topic, There’s often discussion, DVRs aren’t necessarily a media library… how much storage do you need. So you have a (somewhat) proprietary storage…

“appears to be fine”? If these recordings have been “just there” it’s less likely a “sector” will go bad if it’s not constantly being erased and written to. How coincidental, the start of each recording is all stored on the same location on the disk, else they’d likely begin then fault.
. Presuming you have a newer drive? Just because it doesn’t make a noise like the old ones did… drive technology has matured greatly over time …maybe bad things work differently now, some something completely different is happening:neutral_face: There’s the DB stored on the tablo, there’s the filesystem on the drive, then the unknown… when did you have the recent firmware upgrade?

Yes videos have been played before. There was a recent firmware upgrade.

Now they don’t play. It’s not a SSD drive but it’s a stand alone external hard drive that is about 3 years old.

I’ve seen many a hard drive fail but I seriously don’t think that’s the case here.

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