Old recordings are being deleted automatically but are still viewable

I have the auto delete option enabled on my Tablo.  However, old shows are still listed.  When I try to watch them, I get the error message “unable to connect to Tablo”.  I don’t expect these shows to be available so it’s ok they are not playing but shouldn’t the list of available shows be cleaned up as well?

Which device are you seeing this one? Roku? iPad?

3 X Roku 2 (the model XS)
iPad or iPhone get: “Playback error, Recording file not found on disk”. Recent recordings are fine…

The Roku does on the fly syncing - are you still seeing the episodes listed for playback on the Roku?

Yup… :(  This is the only reason I’m bringing it up! :wink:

@ltldevl If the Roku sees them, they’re still on the Tablo’s database. Have you ever switched out hard drives?

Also, how old are the recording(s)? Tablo won’t auto-delete recordings based on their age; rather on how much space you have left on the disk.

No harddrive switches.  The recordings are from November all the way to present day.  The space consumed is around 20%

After the update (yesterday), no change.  I just started deleting them which is rather time consuming but it would be nice to prevent this in the future.

Is there a way to Delete all recordings on one show?  Instead of episode by episode?  Painful with almost 100 epsiodes per show.

No, there is no way to do any kind of group deletes, though it is one of the most requested features.   The Tablo support folks have said the functionality is there now on the Tablo, but the interfaces have not been programmed yet to make it work.

So…I just ended up deleting all the non-playable episodes.  I just don’t know how it happened to begin with.