OG Tablo and duplicate channel/program recording

Just wondering what happens on an original Tablo if you set a series recording for a program that is available on “duplicate” channels. Here in Chicago, several channels are available in both SD and HD, especially some of the Weigel networks. MeTV=23.1(HD) and 26.3 (SD). Catchy Comedy=26.6(SD) and 48.3(HD).

Will it prioritize lowest channel number first, or is it a bit smarter and base it on HD over SD first? The channel scan does list the resolution, so it should know ahead of time.

We used to get MeTV from two different directions. Then the North station replaced MeTV with something else. Before that switch the Tablo always picked the North channel. I always thought because it was typically the more dependable of the two. I have many other duplicate channels that seemed to do the same thing when the same show is on at the same time but different channels. After we dealt with too many missed shows, because Tablo picked the weaker channel for that day, I turned off “do not record duplicates”. Now we get doubles of 75% of what we record in an effort to get at least one usable recording. And it’s been working great for us.

As far as the “lowest channel first” scenario. We’ve been recording duplicates long enough now that it would be difficult to remember what channels recorded for all the duplicates. I think most were the lower channel numbers but I can find one that was the higher.

As far as picking based on resolution I don’t know. I don’t think I have any duplicate channels that are different resolutions (SD vs HD).

For series recordings, you can force it to a specific channel if you want. I was mainly curious on how the Tablo would handle it if you didn’t do that.

Tablo will choose the HD channel over the SD one.

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