Official Tablo Installer

I’m not sure how Tablo would feel about something like this but with some of the Tablo gurus in here, maybe a nice side job might be to get others set up with Tablo. Advertise and sell the device, a compatible HD, an antenna w/amp if necessary, and any necessary accessories as a package and THE KNOW-HOW to get it all up and running on a particular network, in a particular area, etc. It would save the end consumer time and headaches and make them great proponents of Tablo to bring their family and friends into the mix as well. Obviously Tablo would have to be onboard with maybe a seminar or something that we could sign up for and become ‘Official’. Thoughts?

@John_Zanettos is already doing this (in a non-official way).

There are a few other folks who are antenna installers that are also adding Tablos for their customers.

Would you call these installers “Tabloids?”

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That’s great! I think I would like to (as a user) be called a Tabloid. I think the installers should be called ‘Tablets’ because Tablo ‘lets’ you get rid of cable. Ok, I’m grasping there. Anyway, there’s so many different parts to the Tablo system to make it work correctly, It seems like a central guy who knows it all would be a good way to go.

That’s very Star Trekian.

Since I am an old guy with knee problems, I hired an antenna installer to mount my DB-8 on the roof. I did all the networking and whatnot. The TV/Antenna guy was very impressed, and he has called me once and emailed a couple of times for pointers. I suspect he is selling an install service. If so, smart move.

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Yup, I’m doing that for my customers who want to go the DVR route. I also have packages on my website that include an antenna and a Tablo.

Also, I let my customers know when new firmware and software is being released. Have to do my bit of customer service.

I really love my tablo and how it works so I educate my customers, and once they hear about it and what it does, they jump on it.

Plus, as far as I know, I’m the only installer that works with Tablo in the Toronto area.

@TabloTV I would love to be an “Official” Installer! :smile: