Off-Topic TP-Link AC1750 (Archer C7) mystery reboots

So I’ve had this before, but seems to be getting more frequent. Wondering if anyone else has noticed this, since I understand this router to be popular with the Tablo crowd.

Periodically, and with greater frequency when streaming video over the wireless to my Nexus Players. The router basically just recycles itself. Of course, my video gets a playback error until the reset completes and I reconnect to the Tablo.

The reason I ask is initial salvo with TP-Link, they say the router is “working fine” although it appears I am struggling to communicate that it is the router that re-boots itself, and not just that the internet is not available.

I have the Archer C7 in PPoE mode and my DSL router in Bridge mode, so the C7 is the “brains” of the operation. Anything I might look for as to why this is happening, or would consensus be that I’m just overheating the thing or overloading the wireless, or some such?

Thanks -

I have a similar setup but I dont use a Nexus or DSL … and I cant say I’ve had the C7 reboot on me … ever… so that said its probably something to do with the Nexsus or possibly wireless interference. (you didn’t specify if your nexus is hardwired or wireless) …

I don’t recall my c7 ever rebooting itself. Have you tried updating the firmware recently?

Tablo is wired to the C7
Nexus is wireless on the 5ghz band.
Firmware updated first when C7 was purchased, and again earlier this week with the latest version. If anything, this aggravated the situation.

So did make one change (disabled IPv6) tonight and restarted (required for the change to take affect. So far, so good. Not sure that IPv6 being enabled was really an issue (it is not used by Frontier so no loss there) but if it holds, I’ll take it that a deliberate ‘write’ of the config and deliberate reboot might have ‘settled’ something… Weird, but here’s hoping it stays up… “like she said…” :wink: