Odds Roku will ever work with Tablo Connect?

Slim and none?..

It’s definitely a really low priority, so I wouldn’t get my hopes up.

I have a VPN server setup on the router at the Tablo location.

At the remote location I have a VPN client setup on the router there. Roku connects to said router and I have watch the Tablo remotely.

Sounds like a networking issue rather than a shortcoming of Tablo.

It’s a missing feature from the Tablo app for Roku. The app doesn’t (currently) support Tablo Connect.

One of many missing Roku app features.

manual recording - useful filters for TV Shows in the Guide - any settings options. It’s always nice to have to use multiple devices to manage your tablo.

Of course if you have multiple tablos it has a useless setting - check for updates. If you have multiple tablos you have to disconnect from one tablo to move to another. At which point it appears that you will constantly get the software upgrade banner on connect.

But at least it appears they fixed the available space bug.

What routers are you using?

I am a fan of Tablo. But I am also a big fan of my Roku players. My largest disappointment with Tablo is their nearly total disregard of the Roku player base and their total disregard for the PLEX community… At one point (years? ago) there were Tablo statements about hiring multiple (2?) Roku programmers. Kinda wonder what they’re doing now. I am still stickin’ with Tablo for now but continue to hope Tablo management will eventually wake up to Roku and PLEX support.

@JohnT - Well stated. Thank you for weighing in

Plex support as in using the Tablo tuners with Plex DVR?

Getting back to work on Roku after hammering away at some Android code over the last little while… Stay tuned!

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I think the Plex DVR thing was a partnership as it only supported a single vendor’s capture device on launch. If it had been a general new feature for Plex, either it would have just been an API expansion with no tuners (until vendors or fans made extensions) or there would have been more than a single vendor with compatible devices. We can’t blame the Tablo folks for this one.

While I personally would like to see much more support for Tablo in Plex, I also want a proper Netflix channel for Plex, but that doesn’t exist either.

It’s been 9 months. Some of us are still tuned in, looking for updates on a way to remotely connect a Roku to a Tablo

It’s still on the to-do list but MUCH further up than it was when this thread started.

Roku and Apple TV and the new Tablo Preview app for Android & Fire TV all use the same communication method. This doesn’t yet have support for Tablo Connect, but as we move more and more apps over to this new API, the more pressing this becomes.


I’m coming into this thread a bit late, but have noticed that my Tablo works fine with my Amazon Fire TV Stick. I also installed the Tablo app on my Roku Express stick – but, for some reason, I can never get beyond the introductory screen when I try to launch Tablo.

When the “connect to Tablo” screen comes on – and that circular thing finishes chasing its tail – I end up right back with the introductory window.

I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the Tablo app, but to no avail.

In reading bits and pieces of this thread, am I to conclude that the Tablo app will NOT work with a Roku?

The Tablo app works terrifically on Rokus. I have all three of my TVs hooked up to different Roku boxes (stick, Premiere+, and Express), and they all work great.

The only thing the Roku can’t do though is use Tablo Connect to watch TV outside the home network.

Since you are having problems connecting to your Roku Stick, try rebooting your router. That helps in a lot of miscommunication scenarios.