Odd audio problem

I just got the new quad tuner a couple days ago, put a 1 tb drive in it and it’s connected via ethernet. It is working fine on my big screen using the roku app but on my windows 10 pc and the android app on my phone I am having a strange issue. I can get the video to come up on both but no sound (on live tv), the strange part is if I play a recording, even start recording a show and immediately go to recordings and play it, I get sound. This is happening on my pc (in chrome) and in the tablo app on my phone. I also installed the pc tablo app in the microsoft store and with it I can’t even get video, when I click on play for livetv or recordings it does nothing.

I have rebooted the tablo, pc, phone, and wifi router with no change. I turned off surround sound in the tablo settings as some people mentioned that causing issues but i don’t think that is the source of my problem.

Any ideas?

Did you reboot after changing the surround sound setting?

Yeah, didn’t change anything last night. I am not getting sound on live or recordings tonight on my phone or pc so not sure why that changed overnight? everything still works fine on my two tvs though through the roku app. The microsoft store tablo app still does nothing when I hit the play button for livetv or recordings.

Should I try a hard reset? I don’t want to have to put my scheduled recordings back in but not sure what else to try? If it were a network problem it shouldn’t work on my tvs either right? the roku in my livingroom is hardwired as well as my pc, phone and the bedroom roku (which works fine) are both on wifi.

That almost sounds like Surround Sound got turned on and your PC and phone don’t support it. I know that’s the case in my situation. However, your Rokus, assuming the audio settings are correct would be able to decode it. But, that should be an all or nothing situation, I wouldn’t expect it to play in Recordings then either.

As far as the Tablo Windows app, I believe that is a known issue that is supposed to be fixed in the next release of the app.

I just checked again and surround sound was back on? I turned it off the other night but apparently it didn’t take for some reason?
I now have sound on the pc and phone so I guess that was the problem after all, just wish I knew why it turned it back on after I unchecked the box. There is no save or apply button for settings changes that I could find but I have gone back in several times to double check and it’s staying off now.

Thanks for pointing me towards the answer.

Isn’t it fairly simple to down sample surround sound to stereo on devices that don’t support surround? so I don’t have to give up surround sound on devices that support it in order to use tablo with devices that don’t?

The conversion of audio from 5.1 AC3 (Dolby) audio to 2.0 AAC audio on the fly would require the use of a tuner on the Tablo. So while possible I doubt this would ever be available on the Tablo, just cause who wants to have a tuner tied up when someone is watching a completed recording.

Your HDTV can decode 5.1 AC3 audio it receives via HDMI from the Roku. The Roku actually doesn’t have an internal Dolby chip in it because this would cost money in licensing fees from Dolby. This is also why the HTML5 video player in the Chrome browser doesn’t decode 5.1 AC3 audio, it is a licensing issue. Unfortunately decoding 5.1 audio isn’t free so if you pay Google $10 billion I’m sure they’d add the Dolby codec to Chrome.

All new iPhones and iPads can decode 5.1 AC3 audio. Some Android phones can, but not all of them. Guess this one is a win for Apple.

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However, for Android phones that don’t, and my OnePlus 5 doesn’t, the ota2GO Android app + VLC or MX Player are a great solution.