Occasional repeat while watching live TV

When watching live TV on the Gen4, I occasionally get a spinning circle and then see a rebroadcast of the last 15-20 seconds. Fortunately, it’s very infrequent so it’s not a big issue. Has anyone else seen this happen? Maybe related to a buffering issue of some sort? I’m using a Roku Ultra.

Are you getting a message asking you to “Retry”?

Nope… Just a spinning wheel that lasts for a few seconds and then live TV broadcast goes back about 10-15 seconds and repeats and after that the Live TV continues on normally. I’m thinking this is some sort of buffering issue. But it’s really not a big deal, I was just curious to hear if others have seen it too.

This is a regular thing on my gen 4 in the FireTV ecosystem. Usually happens within the first minute or 2 of selecting/changing a live OTA channel. Live TV stream begins, runs “normal” for a minute or 2, then spinning circle for maybe 10-15 seconds, then the live TV stream continues from where it left off, but now delayed by 10-15 seconds from the actual live stream.

Clearly the Tablo and/or Tablo app is buffering the live stream from the antenna. I suspect it may be related to the Tablo recording the live TV stream to the storage device to enable live TV rewind or whatever. Annoying but otherwise no big deal.

Yes, its buffering through the storage. So you can pause live tv.

I had this issue when I had low signal coming into my Tablo. I had to moved and realign my antenna.

Yes, that’s exactly what I’m seeing too. I’ll have to pay more attention to when this happens, but I think it does happen after starting to view a new channel. The exception is with the Roku the spinning circle is only a few seconds and then the TV broadcast is delayed 10-15 seconds and I re-watch the same 10-15 second TV feed and after that it continues on normally without issue.

For me it’s just a reminder that there is a lot going on between the antenna and the TV tuner in these network OTA dvr systems (Tablo, Recast, or whatever) vs a direct coax from your antenna to your TV tuner. The additional functionality adds additional steps/complexity.

Since I have both network-based and direct coax connections to each TV (the coax was already run, so why not), I can quickly compare 1 to the other and buffering delay is very apparent. So are any software or hardware issues that may otherwise appear to be “signal issues”. The network-based system is definitely more complex with more points of failure.

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