Nvidia Shield vs. Table DVR Speed

One of my biggest issues with using my Tablo was the speed of the unit. The syncing took forever since we really only watch TV once or twice a week.

I’m wondering if the new Tablo Connect and NVIDIA Shield configuration is a faster overall experience since there’s no syncing over wifi. It’ll be all local on the Shield. Does anyone use a Shield with Tablo? What’s the experience like?


You mean Tablo TUNER and Tablo ENGINE - you’d have to buy the TUNER and the SHIELD, big money.


I do mean the Table TUNER and the Shield. Yes, the Shield costs $200 and the TUNER is $50, but you get so much more out of the setup for $250 than just the Tablo for $200. I see a lot of extra value in that $50.

Anyone else using this setup? I’d love to hear some feedback.

Well I thought you already / still had the OG Tablo, so just saying it’s a lot extra to spend.

But if it’s a new purchase, for a one TV setup it sounds great.

From the posts in the forums, it sounds more responsive. There is no delay in channel changing because the video is the native MPEG2 video, not transcoded to MPEG4 video like with the OG Tablo.

Direct to TV device vs. network streaming device.

In the process of selling my Table 2-Tuner DVR now.

Then I’ll grab the Shield and use either the Plex DVR solution or the Tablo Engine setup.

The ShieldTV is weak for that purpose IMHO. I have that setup and use Plex DVR (tried Tablo software, didn’t like it). Plex is kinda clunky, but it works and is close in appearance to Tablo. Both suffer the delays you speak of, I didn’t really notice much of difference. Plex DVR requires Plex Pass, but then there’s no extra cost. You can’t avoid the Tablo monthly guide charge. But ultimately, we all must decide what is best for our situation.

Can I ask… besides the delay (syncing?) issue, did you find the Tablo experience ok? I’m thinking yes, because you are talking about walking back into Tablo via ShieldTV.

I’m currently using a Nexus Player with the Tablo. The Nexus Player has seen better days. My thought is to sell the Tablo for the Shield and add a tuner for a similar experience. Plus, I think between Tablo and Plex, the software on the Shield will continue to get better and speed up. With the Tablo, the speed issue will never go away.

So since you have this setup meaning the Shield and Plex why did you pick Plex over Tablo?

With the Tablo ENGINE on the Shield, why would there be sync’ing? All the recordings and data are stored directly on the device

You’re not talking about the Tablo app on the Shield for use with the OG Tablo are you?

I bought into the whole ‘ShieldTV is the best thing since sliced bread’ hype (it’s not, btw). I’ve used Plex for years, bought a lifetime Plex Pass relatively recently so I had ‘free’ DVR access. When I say the experience is similar, I’m comparing looks and speed, nothing really measurable. The Tablo interface is a little nicer, however, and the software more mature than Plex DVR. The Tablo locks down your drive (only use is for Tablo), where the Shield allows you to park other media on the drive, a ‘one stop shop’ if you will. Or at least that’s how I understood it when I tried it.

In my situation, I can go either way (full Tablo, split Plex/Tablo, or buy a HomerunHD and go with Plex) if I replace the Roamio. Just trying to figure it out.

If you already have the Shield and Plex Pass, wouldn’t the cheapest option be another HDHomeRun?

From what I’ve heard though, the Tablo software is more mature.

As a big fan of HDHomeRun, NVidia Shield, and Tablo, I have my own personal preferences.

I prefer the Tablo for DVR Duty- I like the interface better.
I use Plex for my personally owned media, I just don’t care for the DVR interface.
I use the HDHomerun with the “Google Live Channels App” for live, as it gives me fast channel switching and a grid guide.

Each has there own strengths/ weaknesses, but the setup I am using works for me as the replacement for what Windows Media Center used to do for me…

I’m using both an original 4-tuner and Engine with the Shield. The Engine is much faster tuning in recordings and Live TV. Almost immediate in fact. I think the picture looks a bit better as well plus you get surround sound, if that is important.

The negatives I’ve seen so far are:

  1. Not quite as stable. Every so often I will miss a recording but it is very infrequent.
  2. The tuner isn’t quite as sensitive. I can have some artifacts on the Engine while the 4-tuner is fine.
  3. The onscreen interface isn’t fleshed out with all of the features of the current Tablo app. If you are on the beta team, the new Tablo app is an extension of the Engine app.
  4. No option for a lifetime subscription.

If you have any other questions, please let me know.

I’m hoping that with the Shield setup I’ll see the speed you’re referring to, but also the Tablo ENGINE app will continue to improve and evolve. I think it will and if it doesn’t there are other options like Plex. Looking forward to my Shield.